Are you as prepared for the future as you think?

Take a moment and think about the expensive things in life. What comes to mind?

  • Cars

  • Houses

  • Vacations and Vacation Homes

  • Technology

What most people forget to acknowledge is the fact that they are either planning to go to college or have a child who wishes to go.

When you prepare to purchase something large like a car or a house, don’t you devise a plan first? You would normally review buying options, build a budget, negotiate, and then chose the best-fit option for your unique position. Why wouldn’t you do the same for college?

College is easily one of the most expensive costs a family will incur, so why don’t you know how to finance it?

At Ensphere, we develop family-specific plans to show our clients not only how to save for college but also how to save on the cost of college. We provide families with an estimated cost of attendance and a tangible plan in writing that illustrates how exactly they will finance their family’s college journey.

Does any of this sound like you? Are you and your family looking to plan for college but don’t know how or where to start? Do you need some peace of mind about your college journey?

Start by talking to one of our team members about your family’s specific situation. Schedule your personal, free, 60-minute consultation today.