SAT & ACT: Earlier Is Better!

Ensphere students, you just keep getting better and better!!

We’ve looked at the numbers from our classes of 2017 and 2018, and we’ve noticed some exciting trends.

Higher Scores

Our students’ SAT scores have jumped over 90 points to an average score of 1249 (woo hoo!) and ACT scores have risen to an average of 28.

Earlier Preparation

Why the score increases? Students are listening to our advice and getting started early!

More of you are beginning to study during your freshman and sophomore years, taking both tests by the fall of your junior year, and leaving yourselves with plenty of time to retake the tests.

Record numbers of students are completing our online courses on “Method Test Prep,” and your efforts are paying off. We already have multiple juniors who have achieved a 1520 on the SAT … who’s next? One student so far has earned a 34 on the ACT, and two students aced the Math II SAT Subject Test with a perfect 800! Keep up the great work!

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