Is Your Student On Track?

Now that the first month of the school year is out of the way, here’s where your student should be in their college prep journey!


Congratulations! College acceptances have begun!

Already, some of our seniors have been accepted at:

– Robert Morris University

– Saint Vincent College

– Slippery Rock University

– University of Pittsburgh

– West Virginia University

… with many more acceptances to come!

If you have not yet finished submitting your college applications, aim to do so ASAP. By applying earlier rather than later in the admissions cycle, you are maximizing your chances of being accepted at your top colleges and maximizing your chances of receiving better merit scholarship offers.


It’s SAT & ACT season! If you have not yet registered for fall testing dates, click here for a complete list of this year’s available dates.

Remember, the SAT and ACT are the kinds of tests where practice makes perfect. Even 30-60 minutes of studying per week can make a small difference.

Need further motivation? Your SAT/ACT scores, coupled with your GPA, are major factors that colleges will look at when deciding whether to admit you and when deciding how much merit aid to offer you. A score increase of just a few points can translate to thousands of dollars more in merit scholarships!

If you’ve already received SAT/ACT scores from the first testing dates of the year, make sure to forward them to us so that we can help you to build a plan of attack moving forward. We can also talk about what your scores mean as you continue to research colleges and plan some college visits for later in the school year.


Now is a great time to get ahead! You should be continuing to think about career paths that would be a good fit for your interests and skills. Don’t forget to consider factors such as a position’s day-to-day routine, employment outlook, and average salary.

You can also get a head start on SAT/ACT prep and college visits. Even seeing one or two colleges in person can help you to figure out the setting and size that would be the right match for you.

Need help with any of these steps? Still not sure if you’re on track? Go to to request a meeting with a member of our team!