3 College Interview Questions You MUST Be Prepared to Answer

Every year around this time, we get questions about college admissions interviews. Interviews can feel like a mysterious, anxiety-inducing step in the admissions process. For many students, it’s the first time they’ve had to talk about themselves in an interview setting. On top of that, there’s the added pressure of knowing that a positive interview can certainly help your chances of getting accepted.

The good news is that a little bit of preparation can go a long way!

We’ve put together a list of the five college interview questions that you should be prepared to answer.

#1: “Tell me about yourself …”

This is possibly the all-time most dreaded interview question (job interviews included)! How should you respond to such an open-ended question?

It’s helpful if you can be ready ahead of time with 3-4 things you’d like to highlight about yourself. For example, how would you describe the kind of student you are? What are your greatest interests outside of school? It can be a good idea to end your response by explaining why the college you’re interviewing for is a good fit for you, which provides an easy transition into the interviewer’s follow-up questions.

#2: “Why do you want to attend this college?”

This is a huge one! You’d be shocked to find out how many students attend interviews knowing little (or nothing at all) about the college they are interviewing for. You will stand out if you can show that you’ve put thought into your decision to apply to a particular college.

Do your research ahead of time! Be prepared to talk about specific courses, extracurricular groups, the college’s atmosphere, or anything else that factored into your thought process when you applied.

#3: “Why do you want to major in ___?”

While you’re not locked into anything just yet, colleges do want to understand your academic and career goals. They want to get a sense of your plans for the future.

Be honest! By talking about the subjects that truly interest you, your natural enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity will shine through. Show your interviewer what you’re passionate about, and they’ll have a better understanding of what you will bring to the college community.

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