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Rural? Urban? What is your ideal campus setting?

Where will you be happiest for four years? An important step in finding your “right-fit” college is figuring out the best campus setting for you.


Scholarships: Fact vs. Fiction

Some people seem to think there is a full-tuition scholarship out there for everything, and that this is the best way to pay for college.


Are you as prepared for the future as you think?

College is easily one of the most expensive costs a family will incur, so why don’t you know how to finance it? At Ensphere, we develop family-specific plans to show our clients not only how to save for college but also how to save on the cost of college.


4 Tips for Getting GREAT College Recommendation Letters from Teachers

Letters of recommendation can have a significant impact on your admissions chances. Here are four tips for getting recommendation letters that will wow the admissions committee and give you the best possible chance of getting into your dream school.

Students, what's your Financial IQ?

Students, are you ready to make basic decisions about money? Here are the basics every college student should know.


Do Good Grades = Good SAT/ACT Scores?

Unfortunately, the SAT and ACT do not match the content of high school courses as closely as you might think. A perfect 4.0 GPA does not guarantee that you’ll achieve high standardized test scores.

We’ve heard the above misconception many, many times.


8 Steps to Acing the College Admissions Interview

The personal interview is an often misunderstood part of the college admissions process. A good interview, however, can make the difference between getting acc


5 Keys to a Successful Financial Aid Season

For high school seniors, financial aid season is upon us. What can your family do to ensure that you stay on top of deadlines, submit all the right information, and get as much financial aid as possible? Follow these five steps to put you and your student on the right path. 1. Make A Timeline When it comes down to the admissions and financial … Read More 5 Keys to a Successful Financial Aid Season


Are 529 Plans Your Best Bet?

There are many benefits to 529 plans, but depending on your risk tolerance and whether you want your contributed money to be guaranteed for your children’s college, they may not be all they’re cracked up to be.


College Rankings: What Do They Mean?

For students relying on rankings for guidance, it is critical to unravel the question: what does this ranking mean and why do I care? Although rankings are a good way to combine and summarize the information available about a college or university, rankings can fail to show the specific factors that make up the ranking and their importance.