College Choice

Let us help you find the college that’s the right Fit for your student. We’ll consider a college’s programs of study, location , size, academic atmosphere, extra-curriculars, and other factors that are important to you as we match your student to the right college at the right price.

Download the file to see the list of colleges our students have been accepted.

The rightFit

Knowing what you are looking for in a college is important. Most students start with: Does the campus have ivy covered buildings? What will my room look like? or I want to go to college with my friends.

By identifying, the student’s interests, then careers that match those interest, then college majors that provide the training for the careers and finally, the colleges that provide a wide choice of majors in those careers will all lead to a successful college journey.

When a student is matched with a college that meets their career training needs AND the college wants that student, the major hurdles to success diminish.

College Planner Pro

Each student is given access to their personal College Planner Pro website.  After the student has identified a career path and college majors that match that career path, College Planner Pro provides a search engine to match colleges with careers and majors.  Based on the student’s scholastic credentials, the student’s College Advisor will rank the colleges as a stretch (hard to get accepted), match (most likely be accepted), or fall back (easy to be accepted). 

The goal is create a college list of 8 to 10 schools with:

  • 2-3 schools that are a stretch
  • 4-6 schools that are a match
  • 2-3 schools that are a fall back

This is the list that will be used to begin the college application process.

Essay and Application Review

The essay and application are important components of finding the Right Fit school.  In the summer before the student’s senior year, we offer essay and application workshops to prepare for these important steps. Your college advisor will review and critique up to 3 essays and college applications.

SAT and ACT Prep

Be prepared for the most important tests in your high school life.

  • Evaluation Tests
  • Lessons/Quizzes
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Full Length Exams
  • Manage Classes
  • Personal Information
  • Resource Materials

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