Our Mission

We believe …

By successfully partnering with parents of college-bound students, we can greatly enhance their education experience without burdening the family with unnecessary financial risk.

Why we do what we do
  • Our name, “Ensphere”, means all-encompassing.
  • All families deserve to have access to college planning specialists who help students find the career of a lifetime, identify their rightFit college, and develop a tax-efficient plan for financing college.
Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”
How we do it
  • We’ll help you find the school that fits your child’s needs and will provide them with the best possible college experience.
  • We are the only college planning company that reviews all aspects of your financial world.
What we do
  • Identify the career path that best matches your student’s interests, talents and goals.
  • Find the college that’s the right fit for your student and your financial situation.
  • Develop a comprehensive family funding plan–in writing–for college and beyond.
  • Help your student stay on track for success by graduating from college within four years or less.